Q1.  What size tent do I need?

The size of tent depends on the type of function i.e. ceremony, sit-down reception, etc., what is going under the tent, and the space available to set up the tent. To get a basic idea of the size please refer to our Rate Card. These are only general calculations and it is recommended that you contact First Tent NL Inc. to determine the tent size best suited for your specific requirements.


Q2. What is included in the price of the tent?

The cost of the tent is based on grass installation and includes delivery, set-up, tear down and removal within the Metro St. John’s area (within 100kms). When there is an option, the majority of our installations are completed the day before the event and removal either the day of or day after (we are sensitive to folding/unfolding in dry conditions) . For weddings however we will provide more lead time to allow for decorating. Solid white sidewalls are included in the price.


Q3. How does pricing work?

The rates listed are for a one to three day rental. Weekend events are considered one rental period. If you desire to use rental items for a longer period of time, we have weekly and monthly rates. All charges are for time out, whether used or not.


Q4. How far in advance should a tent be booked?

First Tent NL Inc. has a limited supply of rental items in the peak season and because most functions take place on weekends, it is recommended to book as early as possible. Wedding rentals should be reserved 8 to 12 months in advance or sooner to ensure availability.


Q5. What is required to reserve tents and other rentals?

To reserve your tent rental, First Tent Rental Inc. requires a twenty-five (25%) deposit of the total at the time of booking. After receiving your deposit, we will also require a signed copy to be returned to us for our records.


Q6. What is First Tent NL Inc. cancellation policy?

If an order is cancelled two (2) weeks or more prior to the event, the twenty-five percent (25%) deposit amount is retained. If cancellation occurs less than two (2) weeks in advance the total amount is required.


Q7. Are the tents weather-proof?

The tent certainly provides a dry environment for your guests under normal weather conditions. It is a temporary structure and not intended for severe weather such as extremely high winds, torrential rain or lightening. If two or more tents are connected for your event we will ensure a rain gutter is installed between the tents.


Q8. Do I need to be present for the installation of a tent rental?

While It is not required you be present for the entire setup, we strongly suggest that someone be present to confirm the tent is situated in the exact correct location and to ensure that you receive everything that you have rented.


Q9. Who is responsible for the tent’s security and/or any potential damages?

Fortunately we have had very few incidents over the years however you are ultimately responsible for any damages caused by vandalism or unruly guests to any of the rental equipment. Often our customers arrange for overnight security service to assure nothing happens and to protect their investment.


Q10. How do I make the process of renting a tent a positive experience?

  • Don’t hesitate to ask us for a site inspection or consultation in advance of your event to avoid any issues upon event day arrival
  • Let First Tent NL Inc. know exactly what time your event starts and finishes
  • If possible and if weather may be a consideration, we may prefer to deliver the day before giving you additional time to setup
  • Please provide us the onsite contact person and mobile number
  • If delivering to a venue let us know their opening and closing times and who the onsite person on delivery
  • Please look over your rental agreement to ensure accuracy is correct on your order, such as rental tent size, additional equipment requests, payment terms and conditions, address for delivery, onsite contact person, delivery and pick up dates
  • If tent installation is on pavement or in a parking lot, we will require advance approval to drive a stake into the surface to secure the tent. If this process is not possible, we will have to rent (at an additional cost) you weighted blocks to tie the tent down properly and safely.
  • If the tent is being installed on a grassy surface, you should confirm in advance that there are no underground power lines or other obstructions that could be struck by the tent’s stakes.